Spark Watch Promises To Keep You Awake Without Caffeine [VIDEO]

Julia Dent Contributor
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Introducing Spark Watch — the watch that keeps you awake.

It has sensors to tell when the wearer dozes off and wakes them up by buzzing and vibrating. One in five car accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel, so this latest invention could help reduce that number, according to the Daily Mail.

“We created Spark to help you overcome fatigue and drowsiness so that you can be as efficient and focused as possible,” the inventors said.

Along with driving, the watch can be used in boring meetings or for students pulling all-nighters.

“Spark is a watch that keeps you awake by nudging you when you nod off,” said Eddy Zhong, one of the inventors, who is just 17 years old. “The watch keeps track of your movement patterns and uses a unique algorithm to detect your conscious state. Embedded are two custom motion sensors that keep track of movement velocity and movement frequency, respectively. If you doze off, it gently vibrates until you wake back up.”

“The watch keeps people awake during class, at work, or anything else important. You can’t always have a cup of coffee, but you can always wear a watch.”

The watch runs on lithium-ion battery and can go up to seven days on a single charge.

It is available for pre-order at $49 and will be shipped out in November.

Julia Dent