Peaches In Panties!

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that many a fruit resembles the human body. Take the banana, for instance, an easy target.

Vendors in China are now selling freshly ripe peaches with alluring panties—basically turning their produce into a sexual fetish.

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These juicy bums go for 498 yuan, or $80, for a box of nine fruit panties. The peach panties are sold in Yangshan, in the Wuxi area, a region known for its lingerie.

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The name that the Chinese use, “ripe fruit,” even has sexual connotations. The panty peaches are being sold to play up the upcoming Qixi festival, also known as “Chinese Valentines Day.”

These peaches are getting mainstream coverage by Chinese media—and look at them, they’re so darn cute! Butt not all Chinese people are so enamored by the ripe, juicy produce in panties. Regardless, the cheeky panties continue to make a splash in the region.

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