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Charles C. Johnson: The Oprah Of Journalism

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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First off, let’s clear something up – again.

MEMO to Talking Points Memo’s Tom Kludt: Charles C. Johnson was not an employee for The Daily Caller, as you enjoyed writing in your story this week. He’s a former contributor. I’m sure Talking Points Memo has contributors too that they don’t list as employees on its masthead.

But secondly, on a positive note, you guys did include a rather humorous quote from GotNews‘ Johnson. He thinks he’s just like Oprah. Yeah, as in Oprah Winfrey.

While admitting that yes, he sure as hell did pay his source, the so-called “Reverend” Stevie Fielder, he pointed out that other greats also pay for their sourcing.

“I don’t discuss how much I paid Rev. Fielder because I don’t want to create a market for information. There’s a long history of sources being paid for their information. Law enforcement, TMZ, the Daily Mail, Oprah, David Frost have all paid sources for interviews or information. I find the practice more honorable than paying them in the form of expensive dinners, access, or more intangible goods.”

He may have to go on a yo-yo diet and cozy up to CBS’ Gayle King, but I suppose there’s no real reason why Johnson can’t continue to follow in Oprah’s footsteps.