Hollywood Actor Lets Off Some Serious Steam About Obama On Twitter

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Emmy-award winning actor James Woods spent much of the day Thursday venting about President Obama and liberals on Twitter.

Woods, who was the voice of Hades in “Hercules,” criticized Obama’s failing high-speed rail program in a tweet Thursday morning, which sparked a mini Twitter storm. “Another Obama pipe dream up in smoke,” he wrote in the tweet,” and 11 billion dollars of our money along with it. #Obamafailsagain.”

Here are some of the highlights:




At some point, he took a break to deal with an anti-semite and other haters:




After someone criticized him for trashing the presidency, Woods took another opportunity to criticize Obama.


Finally, Woods explained why he feels the need to tweet about all this. “I have no moral choice but to speak,” he tweeted.


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