Murder Suspect Actually Didn’t Ask Siri To Help Him Hide A Body

Josh Evans Contributor
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Editor’s Note: Multiple media reports that Bravo used Siri to try to hide a murdered body are false, according to the Gainesville Police Department

Since its introduction in 2011, Apple fans have used the digital assistant Siri to perform searches, organize contacts and, according to Florida police, hide dead bodies.

Pedro Bravo is accused of killing his roommate, University of Florida student Christian Aguilar, The Independent reports. Police are accusing bravo of strangling Aguilar and burying his body in a shallow grave in a nearby forest.

Upon examining his iPhone, investigators found that he had told Siri, “I need to hide my roommate.” A screenshot of his phone obtained by Action News Jacksonville shows that Siri responded with “What kind of place are you looking for?” followed  by a list of ideal body-stashing locations such as swamps and metal foundries.

Siri’s answer is a well-known joke response to the question of where to hide a dead body. It was widely circulated when Apple first introduced the digital assistant. However, Gizmodo reports, and The Daily Caller has confirmed, that Siri no longer gives this response. Apple did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment on whether or not this change is connected to the trial.

Although Bravo has admitted to beating Aguilar as a result of the argument, he insists that he did not strangle Aguilar. Martha Burt, the state medical examiner, was unable to confirm strangulation, but she was also unable to rule it out and did eliminate gunshot, beating, suicide and natural causes as potential causes of death, The Gainesville Sun reports.

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