Young Mets Fan Has Home Run Ball Taken Away

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Life sucks being a Mets fan. It’s a brutal undertaking that is only overshadowed by being a Cubs fan, except we’re used to 100 years of disappointment and don’t have the winningest team of all time across the way.

So how can life get worse for a Mets fan? How about by robbing them of hopes and dreams at in incredibly young age.

That’s what happened at Tuesday’s 7-1 demolishing by the Washington Nationals. Michael Taylor of the Nats hit his first career home run, and when the ball boy went and retrieved it, he gave it to a young fan making all of his baseball dreams come true.

LOL, nah. Security snatched that ball right back from the youngster’s hands. He got a replacement baseball in return, but that’s like settling for the four at the bar when you whiffed on the nine. It’s the start of a lifetime of disappointment for the kid (aka being a Mets fan). Just sell out right now while you still can, little man.


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