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A journalist’s nightmare

“Time Warner internet is out in my area. Phone message: ‘Due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot take your call. Please try again later.’– CapitalNY founder and co-editor Tom McGeveran.

Bill Press says airplane dude is an ‘asshole’ 

“A flight is diverted because someone put on a ‘knee defender.’ Something that prohibits people from reclining their seat. What an asshole!” — lefty radio host Bill Press.

And this reporter agrees…

“Dude who tried to keep woman from reclining her seat is unequivocally wrong. deserved water in his face – hot water.” — CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood.

So does this one…

“Honestly shocked at the people who are against reclining their seat on an airplane. This hurts worse than any political difference.” — TheFederalist‘s Neal Dewing.

Howard Stern contributor loves e-cigs 

“The thing I love about e-cigarettes is that when on a 6-hour flight NYC>LA I can dip in to the bathroom and take some hits in the bathroom.” — Joey Boots, videographer and occasional Howard Stern Show contributor.

Some journos may have a problem with this 

“Ban anecdotal ledes.” — National Journal healthcare reporter Sam Baker.

The Observer

“Facebook must block posts that depict dogs being tortured or Facebook will face an expensive boycott.” — Roger J. Stone, Jr., GOP consultant, author and blogger.

Washington editor stays in scary hotel

“I have stayed in hotel rooms where somebody was definitely murdered (lookin at you, Thunderbird Inn). This Motel 6 room is definitely one.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton, who is traveling in New Mexico.

WTF? Investigative reporter to followers: ‘I am here for you’ 

“Just want my FOLLOWERS to know that when u have a tough day please remember I have them too. I am here 4 u. Reach out & talk! God bless!!!” — Cleveland, Ohio-based 19 Action News Investigative reporter Scott Taylor. (Clearly people who live in Ohio are very weird.)

Radio producer gets locked out (can’t he just break in?) 

“I’ve been locked out of my house, so if anyone would like to entertain me, I’ve got bushels of free time.” — Bill Press Show producer Peter Ogburn.

Media reporter notices Josh Rogin’s TV eyebrows

“Hey @joshrogin your eyebrows are fantastically animated right now on CNN.” — Politico‘s Hadas Gold. Rogin is a reporter for The Daily Beast.

And now a note on Rob Lowe

“Apparently, the third act of Rob Lowe’s career is playing all the wife-murders on Lifetime Original Movies.” — Megan McArdle, columnist, Bloomberg View.

Chris Hayes takes a stab at Hillary Clinton 

“It is downright bizarre that Hillary Clinton hasn’t at least issued a statement on Mike Brown.” — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow lookalike Chris Hayes.

Panic strikes: journo leaves phone at home

“I LEFT MY PHONE AT HOME. (I realize I’m likely going to return to zero missed calls and a text from my mom, but let me panic for a moment.)” — Louis Peitzman, LA-based senior editor, BuzzFeed.


WaPo reporter gets engaged on a mountain 

“Oh & also, I got affianced on a mountain at sunset to the amazing @rdyer. As @vptwritenow would say #blessed.” — WaPo “Reliable Source” writer Helena Andrews with the above picture.

Ronan Farrow hair update


TV LOCKS: “Ronan growing his hair out.”Mediaite‘s Eddie Scarry.

Treacher Knee Update 

“It’s anti-climactic, but the story of my shattered knee has as much of a conclusion as it’s ever going to get. Except for the ongoing pain.” — Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher, who was hit by a State Department vehicle.


A hop, skip from DC: “Beautiful sunrise #bethanybeach” — @catcuhi.