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Viewers Prepare To Retch As NBC Inflicts Luke Russert On ‘Meet the Press’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Reaction to NBC’s Luke Russert being added as a regular face to “Meet the Press” is getting the reaction one might expect: People are pissed.

“Morning Joe’s” Joe Scarborough will also have a regular role on the panel. The show is reportedly trying to add a conservative view.

New York Post‘s Page Six popped the news late Wednesday night.

Gawker‘s Hamilton Nolan wasted no time trashing him, calling him “basically just a dim 29-year-old dude.”  He predicted MTP will now be a “landfill full of the most useless NBC personalities.”

A sampling from the Twitter masses:

  • “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger case of nepotism EVER. He’ll be running the show in 3 years.”
  • “Luke is a goofball.”
  • “Peak meritocracy.”
  • “The trifecta: nepotism, liberalism & feminism … a ratings bust.”
  • “Jeez I thought the idea was to fix MTP.”
  • “Luke Russert has already deeply befouled his surname and the legacy of his father. Featuring him on MTP regularly is sacrilege.”
  • “Hope he is his father’s son.”
  • “Give me a break this is taking nepotism 2 ridiculous heights. He barely does the job now w/o embarrassing his profession now!”
  • “Perhaps NBC might consider compelling programming, and not putting hacks like Chuck Todd and imbeciles like Luke Russert on the air.”

Only a few seemed enthused.

  • “Only seems right! How I miss Tim.”
  • “Yay.”

“Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd in the hot seat debuts this Sunday.