Facebook Releases NFL Fandom Map

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Facebook released its “NFL Fandom Map” Friday showing which team is the favorite in each county across America.

The company tracks the data by following the Likes each team gets based on where fans live. It’s got some pretty interesting stuff.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

The 2013 map for comparison:

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

The Broncos popularity is spreading to surrounding states after their (almost) successful 2013 campaign. The Cardinals’ fan base fits neatly inside Arizona. Alaska is now fully Seahawks Country. But perhaps most entertaining is this little tidbit.

LOL Jets

WHOOPSIE! The Jets coming in with not even ONE county. Poor performance all around. And don’t give me that garbage about competing with the Giants. It’s ONE COUNTY. I guess that’s what happens when you rely on the Sanchize and a foot fetish freak to bring your team to dominance. LOL Jets.

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