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“Journalism/snack-food #hero @samsteinhp made @JELLO chocolate pudding in the HuffPost DC kitchen today.” — HuffPost‘s Jeffrey Young.

On being named editor…

Arduous assignment doesn’t mix well with home life 

“Trying to do phone interview with Trans heroin addict while at the same time taking care of sick three year old is not that fun.” — HuffPost‘s Jason Cherkis.


When Meghan McCain frets about aging, she thinks of her mom

“Every time I start getting a little freaked out about turning 30, I just remember my ageless, elegant mother is 60.” — Meghan McCain, host of TakePartLive. As some may recall, Meghan recently remarked about her mom’s perfect ass.

If only reporters could control the world 

“Not fair to do these things after lunch. Should be statement 8am, presser 830am. fully caffeinated and balls to the wall.” — Politico‘s Ben White.

CBS’ Mark Knoller gets scolded 

“Back to your beat.” — Reuters media columnist Jack Shafer in response to CBS White House radio reporter Mark Knoller, who wrote: “Aren’t poems supposed to rhyme?”


“Valerie Jarrett screaming GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY on loop is one of the worst ways to spend a morning.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Journo Love

“Congratulations to Susan Glasser on being named editor of Politico. She won the morning today.” — WaPo‘s Dan Balz.

TV reporter needs her yoga 

“My gentle #yoga class is good for the body but even better for the mind. Needed this. #breathe” — NBC Washington’s Angie Goff.

As a boy, senator told to sing song while washing his hands 

“Heller recalled being told as a child by his parents to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ while washing his hands, noting that he had wondered while on the road what happened to those little bars of soap. ‘It’s amazing how such a small thing can make such a big difference,’ Heller said.” — from an unusual, bipartisan story on hygiene by Roll Call‘s Niels Lesniewski.