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MIXING JOURNALISM AND RELIGION: And now a sermon from RedState Editor Erick Erickson…

Editors these days give religious sermons, right? Really. The fact is? “The fact is, we are not accidents of cosmic collision,” he writes. “We are not the products of a swerve in nature. We are not just animals of a different species from others. We actually have a purpose.” The truth is? “The truth through all this cacophony and chaos is that you have a purpose. You are not an accident. You are planned. God has a plan. You may not think he exists, but he does. He is real. And you have a purpose.”

Read there rest of the editor’s sermon here.

Travel Bitches

“Hey @SouthwestAir why did you redirect my BWI flight to PHL? Pilot said fog but no other delays for other flights into BWI.” — WaPo‘s Jackie Kucinich at 7:44 a.m. Sunday morning.

Reporter calls Rick Perry “an asshole” 

“Rick Perry connecting Rivers death to abortion is loathsome. The swarmy ‘It’s a curious thought’ is just cowardly. [See the story her links to here.] If you’re going to be an asshole best to own it. Weaksauce like ‘It’s interesting that…’ just makes you an asshole and a coward.” — The Atlantic‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates.


Conversation Between Two Reporters

The talkers are BuzzFeed D.C. Bureau Chief John Stanton and Washington City Paper’s Editor Mike Madden. Stanton is becoming something of a regular on NBC’s MTP with Chuck Todd. 

STANTON: “Eating Korean wings and watching dr who, sober. On a Saturday. Is this what being an adult is like?”

MADDEN@dcbigjohn What’s the over/under on how many weeks of MTP it takes you before you feel comfortable going on air hungover and without sleep?

What a proud moment! 

“Brought up Twitter on Safari on my new iPhone and it had me signed in to @TBD. That one I can’t explain.” — Ex-TBDer Mandy Jenkins. She formerly worked at the failed Allbritton pub TBD and now works as the “Open News Editor” for Storyful. God knows we don’t like the poor sap that is the “Closed News Editor.”

Former San Fran mayor tries to put down cell phone during dinner 

“Pleasing moms everywhere, @GavinNewsom said he tries not to look at his cellphone at dinner table, per advice of @JenSiebelNewsom” — LAT‘s Maeve Reston.

Washington radio journo reacts to Elizabeth Wurtzel’s wedding essay 

“Fucking vomit: I give this four months, tops. You delusional dope @LizzieWurtzel.” — SiriusXM‘s Julie Mason. See the story here. Wurtzel’s fiancé proposed after just seven months. At 46, Wurtzel, author of Prozac Nation, blames herself for waiting so long to marry, saying she was a crazy, bad girlfriend.

Journo hasn’t really contemplated wearing a bra to bed  

“Actually, I haven’t given it much thought…” — Breitbart NewsJeff Poor in reaction to this burning question from HuffPost: “Should you really be wearing a bra to sleep?”

Autocorrect diaries

“Autocorrect just changed mustache to moist ache and I’m going to throw up.” — BuzzFeed‘s Samir Mezrahi.

See the story here.

Former congressman sees humor, stupidity in Sunday talk shows 

“Listening to politicians on the Sunday news shows try to explain the ISIS war sounds like 3rd graders trying to explain corporate finance.” — Former Rep. Joe Walsh, now a radio host.

Radio reporter wants quick way to fix his errors

@SwiftKey wishlist: ability to quickly delete entire wrong word by touching word, rather than having to do letter by letter w delete key.” — WTOP’s Neal Augenstein.

Anthony Weiner needs to stay offline today 

“Bid on a Skype date with me! (paypal only).” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, former sexting partner to the ex-congressman and crotch selfie aficionado.

Montel Williams, professional activist and ex-talk show host, likes to feature inspirational sayings on his Twitter feed. This one involved a “mirror.” So what the hell? We’ll share.