NC Democratic Chair Gives Ga. Democratic Party $2,000

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Federal Election Commission reports show that the North Carolina Democratic Party keeps spending money that is does not have. Chairman Randy Voller and executive director Casey Mann gave a $2,000 dollar donation to the Georgia Democratic Party.

In a screenshot provided to the Daily Caller, a party activist posted the FEC filing, that can been found here on page 28, complaining about the cost of the trip.

“I had been told a couple of weeks ago that Chairman Voller and E.D. Mann had attended a fundraiser in Atlanta for President Carter’s grandson who is running for Gov. of Georgia,” Hugh L. Wilde Jr. complained on his Facebook page. “I was also told the State party paid their way.” Wilde continued, “Why are we supporting candidates in other states when we don’t have enough money to support our own candidates here? Enquiring minds want to know. So do SEC [State Executive Committee] members.”

Other commentators on the picture where equally frustrated. One claiming that they will “never get an answer.” Another said, “fair question.” One went so far as to lambasted the NCDP saying, “We don’t have money to be giving to other state parties…February cannot get here quick enough.” Most of the anger was focused toward Voller and Mann, who used party funds for the fundraiser.

Angry activist (Photo Smith/Caller)

Angry activist (Photo Smith/Caller)

This donation to the GADP comes after the NCDP has been accused of ongoing scandals and even not having enough funds to pay for its website and remain, according to Open Secrets, almost $40,000 in debt.

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