Retired Army Capt. Rescues Infant Locked In Car

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Angela Radtke may have destroyed personal property on Tuesday, but she saved a life in the process.

Radtke noticed an infant locked in a car on a blazing Texas afternoon. “The baby was red and looked uncomfortable. I was just really scared,” Radtke told KENS 5.

Despite the infant’s dire situation, none of the onlookers did anything to help. “I felt like some people were kind of scared; they didn’t want to be liable because the security guard was yelling that [we] could be arrested for” breaking into the car. That didn’t keep Radtke, an ex-Army captain, from springing into action.

With no regard for her own safety, Radtke smashed a hole in the front windshield and rescued the nine-month old. While she received several lacerations on her arms and back, Radtke said, “it was definitely worth it.”

When authorities arrived on the scene, they gave the infant emergency treatment for dehydration and arrested and charged the father, Richard Elliot, with child endangerment.