Report: Romney Seriously Considering 2016 Run

Al Weaver Reporter
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Don’t look now, but Mitt Romney is looking at a third run for the White House.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, Romney has been talking about the possibility with advisers, consulting with his family, and keeping an eye on fellow Republicans that could run in 2016.

“That doesn’t mean he will decide to do it, but it does mean that Mitt 2016 is a real possibility,” writes York.

York also reports that much of Romney’s infrastructure in 2012 remains intact, as many of his fundraisers and staffers during the unsuccessful run have decided to remain on the sidelines for 2016 until Romney makes a decision to run or not.

If Romney does run, though, many of these staffers expect a change among his top strategists, Stuart Stevens and Russ Schriefer, whom many blame for the governors defeat two years ago.

Romney has repeatedly denied running for president, though he and his wife Ann have both made subtle suggestions that they are indeed looking at another run.

The former Massachusetts governor admitted to Hugh Hewitt that although he’s not currently looking at a run, “circumstances can change.”

Speaking to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Tuesday, Ann Romney teased even more, telling the host about a third campaign: “Well, we will see, won’t we, Neil?”

Romney would look to follow the lead of Richard Nixon if he does end up launching a third campaign. Nixon, who lost the 1960 general election to John F. Kennedy, ended up winning in his second bid, defeating Hubert Humphrey in 1968.