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Quote of the Day 

“At the White House live feed, Eric Holder as emotional as I’ve ever seen him leaving ‘the best job I’ll ever have.'” — NPR Justice Department correspondent Carrie Johnson, who broke the news that AG Eric Holder is retiring.

Tragedy strikes WaPo reporter’s life: FOMO

“Made the mistake of opening twitter during a Scandal episode that I’m not watching live. So dumb of me. So much FOMO.” — WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery, the self-involved reporter who got himself detained for 45 minutes in Ferguson, Mo. after police ordered him out of a McDonald’s. Note: FOMO, for the lingo-challenged among us, means: Fear Of Missing Out. 

Obama’s Eric Holder presser incites confusion 

@nytpolitics: “Watch Obama resignation press conference.”

Bloomberg‘s Dave Weigel: “Whoa, if true.”

Iowahawk‘s David Burge: “He resigned months ago, he just shows up at the office.”


The Media Observer

“The problem w/ model of news programming based on ppl gabbing at all hours is that u have to settle on over-eager blowhards 95% of the time.” — Mediaite editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell.

An “editor’s” question

“Is there ever a need to write ‘usage’ rather than “use”? #AskingForAnEditorFriend” — WaPo‘s Carlos Lozada.

Reporter amazed that Glenn Beck recalls reporter who called him inspirational, life changing 

“Never expected that when I finally got to meet @glennbeck he’d already know who I was. I wrote this 4 years ago.” —RedState‘s Ben Howe, who wrote this otherworldly glowing story about hearing Saint Glenn Beck speak at CPAC.

Fighting journos

The Daily Beast‘s Josh Rogin: “Problem with this @ggreenwald hit piece is no direct evidence UAE meetings led to Qatar stories, pure speculation.”

The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald: “@joshrogin The story isn’t about your friend Eli, but take up your grievance with David Kirkpatrick & the NYT.” [He included the highlighted text below.]


Josh Rogin: “@ggreenwald Both you and Kirkpatrick showed a correlation, not a causation. There’s a big difference. That’s why the piece is weak.”

Glenn Greenwald: “@joshrogin 1) You must have forgotten to criticize NYT; 2) the correlations are very ample; 3) the point is the Camstoll/UAE campaign.”

Autocorrect changes “conservative” to something wildly different

“Phone just tried to autocorrect ‘conservative’ to ‘concern oven.’ So there’s that.” — Politico‘s Chief Economics Correspondent Ben White.

HuffPost reporter has eyes for hot criminal 

“That moment when you’re like, ‘oh that’s a handsome man on that news story’ before you realize it’s a story about a criminal.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.