Poll: Libertarian Senate Candidate In North Carolina Could Be Spoiler

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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The Libertarian Party nominee in North Carolina could prevent Republicans from winning the state’s U.S. Senate seat this November, a new poll indicates.

A CNN/ORC International poll of likely voters released Sunday shows Democratic incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan leading Republican Thom Tillis 46 percent to 43 percent, respectively. Libertarian Party nominee Sean Haugh, who will appear on the ballot this year, gets 7 percent in the poll.

Republicans need to flip six Senate seats to win back control of the Senate. The GOP sees North Carolina as one of the strongest chances to beat a Democratic incumbent.

In the 2012 presidential election, Republican Mitt Romney won 51 percent percent to Barack Obama’s 48 percent. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson won just one percent.

Haugh, the Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. Senate, is a pizza deliveryman.

He bristles at being called a spoiler. He recently responded to that charge by taking to Facebook and dismissing a voter who argued that as an “idiot” and an “ignorant moron.”

After getting into an argument over whether his presence in the race just helps Hagan, Haugh said to the voter: “Well, obviously our realities are quite detached. I prefer my reality over yours because logic, reason and evidence exist in mine. I pity ignorant morons such as yourself and wish you would stop voting.”

Haugh also said: “I have learned that there is no value in explaining to an idiot why they are being an idiot, because, y’know, they’re too stupid to understand anything.”

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