Best Feature Of Galaxy Note 4? It’s Not An iPhone 6 [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In the wake of recent complaints against the new iPhone 6, Samsung announced one of the biggest features of its Galaxy Note 4: it won’t bend when you sit on it.


Samsung claims that if you “leave things in your back pocket long enough,” they might bend. This list of objects includes wallets, credit cards, forks (“No, I don’t know why it was there”) and unspecified smartphones.

In addition to eye-catching graphics, the video also illustrates the Galaxy’s strength via the scientific “Three-Point Bend Test” as well as the humorous “Human Weight Test.”

The latter simulates “the device being repeatedly sat on. In this case a 100kg man sitting on it several hundred times.”

Finally, Samsung states that the Galaxy’s structural integrity stems from a metal frame and magnesium brackets, forming a “mutually reinforcing structure between parts.”

However, it doesn’t take an engineering degree to understand what Samsung is really saying. What’s the Galaxy Note 4’s greatest strength?

It’s not an iPhone.