Emailer Who Sent Death Threats to Hundreds of Harvard Students Is Totally Sorry, Blames Brother

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On Friday, a bunch of students at Harvard University received a menacing email promising: “I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 o’clock in your fucking university and will kill you, you sons of bitches.”

“Even Mark Zuckerberg of facebook,” the disturbing missive threatened.

“I promise you, slit-eyes.”

The vast majority of the recipients of the threatening were Asian females, the Daily Mail reports.

Then, on Saturday, the same students received a second email from the same email account. This follow-up missive explained that the owner of the email account “didn’t mean it.” In fact, the second email swore, a wayward younger brother had been responsible.

The second emailer described himself (possibly herself) as a 15-year-old person residing in France, according to The Harvard Crimson.

The two emails have had three names attached to them: Stephanie Nguyen, Eduardo Nguyen and Huy Din.

In response to the alarming emails, the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association postponed a weekend event dedicated to the Asian-American experience.

“To all of our dear friends who received this afternoon email, we express our sincerest sympathy and support,” the Asian American Association lamented in its own email.

“No one should have to open their inbox and see a such a threatening and racially charged message.”

Officials at the Ivy League school advised students to carry on normally.

“At this time the campus remains open and operations have not been curtailed,” Harvard University Police Department spokesperson Steven G. Catalano said over the weekend.

At the same time, Harvard officials have contacted the FBI.

Here is the full text of the menacing email sent to students:

“All students at Harvard.

My name is Stephanie Nguyen.

I live in Boston.

I will come tomorrow in Harvard University and shoot all of you each one of you all Harvard students, I will kill you individually.

I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 o’clock in your fucking university and will kill you, you sons of bitches.

Even Mark Zuckerberg of facebook I willl kill

I’m going to kill every one of you

I promise you, slit-eyes”

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