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Baptist Release Has Unfortunate Subject Line

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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News outlets aren’t the only ones that need proofreaders.

Eron Henry, associate director of communications for the Baptist World Alliance, probably wasn’t fully awake when he wrote a release about Baptists reaffirming the fact that they are against anti-Semitism. Meaning they do not support it.

Because come on, who’s pro anti-Semitism?

Issued late this morning, the subject line reads: “Baptists take strong anti-Semitic stance.”

Thankfully the first two lines of the release clarify things.

“A Baptist group in the United States issued a resolution reaffirming the ‘historic American Baptist stand against anti-Semitism.’ The resolution, issued by American Baptist Churches USA’s (ABC USA) International Ministries (IM), declares anti-Semitism to be ‘wholly contrary to Jesus’ teaching’ and that it ‘demeans Jesus and all people of Jewish ethnicity.'”