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Bad News: Jon Huntsman Isn’t Running In 2016

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You won’t have Vogue’s favorite Republican to kick around anymore. And it’s his idea. Beg him all you want, America, but he’s never running for office again.

Anna Palmer at Politico has the breaking news:

Jon Huntsman’s days on the campaign trail are over.

The former Utah governor, who ran a short-lived presidential campaign in 2012, said he would not run in 2016 and has no plans to run for governor again.

The dream is dead. Huntsmania is no more. You had your chance, you ingrates, and you blew it.

But don’t worry, Jon’s keeping super-busy:

Huntsman, who came in third in New Hampshire in the 2012 Republican primary, is now serving as co-chairman of the bipartisan No Labels group that is striving to make Washington more functional.

He’s really making a difference. He’s making Washington more functional by getting rid of all the labels. See how that works? No, you’re not smart enough to see how that works.

Has there ever been a more genuine presidential candidate than this?

Please forgive us, Jon Huntsman. We just weren’t ready for your awesomeness.