Gutfeld Slams Hillary’s $225K Fee: ‘Poster Child For Political Profiteering’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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As Fox’s “The Five” discussed the irony of Hillary Clinton complaining about rising university tuition during a speech she was being paid $225,000 for, host Greg Gutfeld took the opportunity to fault Hillary and other liberal politicians for attacking personal wealth, but taking huge pay days after leaving office.

“As a Republican, conservative, libertarian, you have no qualm about anybody getting rich, you want everybody to be rich,” said Gutfeld. “Which makes you different than Hillary because she fronts a mob of the aggrieved and envious who believe tethering achievers is a way to create a false sense of equality. She’s so rich now she can wear a pantsuit made of Faberge eggs, which means that she’s basically a poster child for political profiteering.”

“You know they always say they want to get into politics to help,” he continued. “But it’s always at the end of their tenure to help themselves. They get a paltry salary, but then when they get out of politics, it’s eight, it’s nine, it’s ten figures, the payout… Politics is Powerball lotto for liberals.” (RELATED: Gutfeld: Democrats Only Ones Who ‘Have To Wear A Disguise To Win’)

“And not conservatives?” pushed back co-host Bob Beckel sarcastically. “Oh I see, conservatives take no money when they get out of politics!”

“But they don’t think it’s bad!” Gutfeld responded. “We want to be rich! You guys don’t want anybody to get rich but you! You just want the liberals to be rich!”

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