Saudi Attacker Slays US Citizen, Wounds Second

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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A Tuesday attack on U.S. defense contractors in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia left one American man dead and another injured, reports Politico.

According to a Riyadh police spokesman, the attack occurred when vehicles belonging to Vinell Arabia — a defense contractor buttressing the Saudi National Guard — stopped at a gas station, around midday.

Saudi police tracked down the assailant and arrested him after a second, brief firefight, but have not released any details regarding his identity.

A U.S. spokesman stated that U.S. officials are working with the Saudi Arabian government to gather “details about the shooting and a possible motive,” and to re-evaluate the safety of other U.S. citizens working in the region.

While reminiscent of al-Qaida attacks against foreigners a decade prior, the Saudi Press Agency has not clarified this incident as an act of terrorism.

Recently, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has urged their followers to attack and kill “Americans and those from other countries that are carrying out airstrikes against the group.”