WH Official LAUGHED At Suggestion Obama Should Visit Dallas

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The National Journal’s Ron Fournier has an interesting piece out today entitled “Should Obama Go to Ebola Ground Zero?” In the piece, Fournier raises the question of whether or not Obama should make the trip down to Dallas, and gives a litany of reasons why it’d be a great idea.

“It’s one thing to tell Americans they’re safe,” he writes. “It’s another to show it. What message would Obama send by visiting federal, state, and local health care officials in Dallas? I care. We’re on top of this. You’ll be OK. In addition, Obama could personally thank first-responders on the nation’s behalf, which can’t be done enough.” (RELATED: Ebola Strikes Again in Texas: Female Nurse Tests Positive)

Makes sense, right? Well apparently, the White House didn’t think so. “I asked a White House official about this idea. He laughed. ‘We don’t do grandstanding,’ he said. ‘It would be a circus.'” Still, Fournier says the official “didn’t rule it out,” despite reeeeeally seeming to rule it out.

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