Arizona Democratic Gov. Candidate Fred DuVal Makes Shocking Statement On 14-Year Old’s Abortions … In A Church!

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal said that 14-year olds should be allowed to get abortions with no parental consent.

DuVal articulated his position on parental consent at a public forum Tuesday at Redemption Church in Gilbert, Ariz.

Pastor Tom Shrader, the host of the forum, asked DuVal for his view on notarized parental consent or parental notification for teenage abortions.

“Uh, consent, no. Because I believe that then gives the choice of reproductive freedom to the parents and not to the expectant mother and I believe the expectant mother has that…”

“And she’s 14,” the host clarified.

“Yeah,” DuVal said quietly.

DuVal received an early endorsement from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. DuVal is currently running neck-in-neck for the governorship with Republican Doug Ducey.

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