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Quote of the Day:

“They amuse me.”

Daily Mail‘s U.S. editor-at-large Piers Morgan, responding to this question from a follower: “Hi Piers, do you not get sick of the idiots abusing you or do you enjoy it?”

Spotted: Kardashian ex in Dupont Circle 

“The Kardashian ex-husband is at the P St. Sweetgreen.” — Twitter public policy communication specialist Nu Wexler. He’s talking about Kris Humphries, who plays for the Washington Wizards.

Of all the people in the world to hate, Ronan Farrow picks Oprah 

“Somewhere, Oprah is sipping an Oprah Chai Latte™ and savoring some Oprah’s Organics™ vegetables from her mountain in Maui and judging you.” — MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow.

For whatever bizarre reason, this cannot be private 

“I punch ‘Mom’ on my cell phone, and she answers on the first ring. We both say, ‘You home?'” — National Journal‘s serial tweeter Ron Fournier.

Former journo/undocumented American reminisces about reading The New Yorker

“When I was a kid, pre-Internet, I often read @NewYorker w/ dictionary and encyclopedia. Sometimes it took a week to get through an article.” — Jose Antonio Vargas, former WaPo reporter, self-described undocumented American, founder of Define American.

This guy sees another use for Axe body spray 

“As the father of teenage sons, I’m convinced Axe is (a) an effective contraceptive, (b) a feminist plot to turn women lesbian, or (c) both.” — conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain.

Pundit disses cutesy fundraising emails

“Fundraising emails w/cutesy subject lines r annoying. Candidates, pls don’t call me ‘friend’, ask for ‘a favor’ or tell me it’s ‘personal.'” — CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

One step above

“That moment when you stumble upon your father’s name in the Smithsonian’s @SILibraries exhibition archives.” — WaPo‘s J. Freedom du Lac.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.59.47 PM

Gawker writer apologizes for pushing the bullying of nerds (which wouldn’t have happened if Mercedes-Benz hadn’t pulled its advertising) 

“What I said was insensitive, and if it ended up hurting you, I’m happy to talk about it over the weekend, just shoot me an email (in my bio). Anyway, I take full responsibility for the dumb bullshit I tweet, please don’t take it out on my coworkers, who are great people. TGIF” — Gawker‘s Sam Biddle.

Selfie-mania continues…

“Nothing like taking selfies with DC police to get through @HowardU homecoming traffic. Here to serve and selfie! LOL” — TV One’s Roland Martin.

Foreshadowing… “Please let Popeyes still be open. I have a mighty need.”

And then…BuzzFeed editor gets cruised

“OMG! A dude just tried to cruise me in front of Popeyes. Hot damn. I’ve still got it.” — BuzzFeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones.



“Best of luck to my mentor Kevin Dunn who just supervised his last CNN show! We’ll miss him.” — Ralitsa Vassileva, anchor for CNN International.