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Nobody Does Fried Chicken And President Obama Like Bloomberg Politics

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In what may well be the exact polar opposite of finger lickin’ good, Bloomberg Politics has written the most obviously insensitive promotional tweet of the year to promote a story on what President Obama‘s chef fries.

We know that BP co-editor Mark Halperin thinks Obama is “kind of a dick.” But did the President deserve this?

The 2-day-old story on Bloomberg Politics is by Sara Pepitone, so there was no real reason to resurrect it except to draw attention. And nothing QUITE screams for attention like running side-by-side photographs of a black president and fried chicken. Pepitone’s interview is with assistant White House Chef Sam Kass to whom she supposedly gives the third degree about the first family’s eating habits.

Among the ridiculously tame questions: “I’ve heard the president likes chips and guacamole. Does he prefer chunky or smooth?”

Also this: BP: “How do you make the wings? Bake them? Fry? Double fry?” Kass: “Those are the kinds of things you won’t get me to talk about.”

After receiving an expected mountain of crap on Twitter, Bloomberg Politics has deleted the offending tweet.

Of course, it still exists.

The Mirror sought comment from a Bloomberg Politics spokesperson. Shockingly, none was forthcoming by press time.

UPDATE: This just in from Bloomberg Politics’s website editor Mike Nizza… “It’s a story about the President’s chef and some of his recipes, including his secret wing recipe. Yes, out of context that picture could seem offensive, which is why we took it down.”

Please note: the picture is supposed to be wings, not fried chicken. But pssst…I spot drumsticks.