Rush To Monica Lewinsky: Stop Blaming Drudge! [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Speaking on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh advised Monica Lewinsky that she needed to stop blaming Matt Drudge and admit her own role in the sex scandal with President Bill Clinton. Limbaugh made the comments after Lewinsky accused the creator and editor of the Drudge Report of “ruining [her] life.”

If Monica wants to take on bullying, and if she wants to try to say she’s putting this behind her, she’s gotta stop blaming Drudge. And she has to start taking a little bit of responsibility for her role in this. And then she has to be willing there was a co-conspirator, and it wasn’t the Internet, it wasn’t Matt Drudge, and it wasn’t Mike Isokoff; it was Bill Clinton.

And then you can throw Hillary on there, too, because Hillary after this all broke goes on “The Today Show” to blame it all on a right-wing conspiracy. What, did the right-wing conspiracy — and I, of course, am the Mr. Big of the right-wing conspiracy — what did we do? Did we hire Monica as an intern? Did we arrange the pizza deliveries when we knew that Clinton would be in the Oval Office and she would be delivering the just-delivered pizzas? We did all this?

And yet the media, she blames it on the vast right-wing conspiracy: Once again the Republicans are to blame! And this came shortly after this idea that the Republicans want to starve our kids. So I think the cumulative impact of all these things matters.

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