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Law Blogger Makes Sexy Excuse For Yale Grad

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A widely-read law blogger has bizarre arguments in defense of Johnny Dach. He’s the Yale grad who probably hired the hooker in Colombia who didn’t get investigated by President Obama‘s administration because his father is a well-connected Democratic lobbyist and who is now a “promising young lawyer” in the State Department’s Global Women’s department.

The law blogger, David Lat, used to co-write Wonkette with the wormy Alex Pareene (you know, back when Wonkette was still readable). He  makes an argument that many a philandering husband has used:

“Here’s one final point in Dach’s defense: he’s kinda cute (especially if he got rid of the facial hair). Why would a reasonably attractive American male, in a resort city known for its party scene, pay for sex when he surely could get some for free? Especially when he might have aspirations for elected or judicial office, like so many Yale Law grads?”

My other favorite part of Lat’s story about a covered up sex scandal comes in the lede where Lat writes that Dach was “fingered” by The Washington Post because the publication named him. He also suggests that Dach, a stranger to him, is likely the guy who would leave a bachelor party when the stripper shows up. He writes, “That’s my idea of young Jonathan. Wouldn’t the type of Yalie who works at the State Department and whose dad is a big Democratic donor be especially careful about where he docks his Dach?”

Yeah, the “he’s kinda cute” defense. That’s a good one. We’ll have to remember that.