Huffington Post: Halloween Causes Climate Change

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Is there anything that doesn’t cause climate change these days? Your car, your clothes, your exhale, your mere existence is ruining the planet, according to the “Green” army. Well, add one more thing to the list – Halloween.

Yes, kids dressing up as their favorite Walking Dead character and begging for candy is killing the planet, you monster!

How, you ask? Simple: some candy uses palm oil, and the creation of palm oil is bad for the environment. At least according to the Huffington Post.

In a post under their “Generation Change” banner, Diana Donion, Director of Center for Food Safety’s Cool Foods Campaign, authors a piece entitled, “Trick or Treat? The Frightening Climate Costs of Halloween Candy.”

How does getting candy from strangers contribute to the planet’s destruction? “Many Halloween candies contain palm oil, the large-scale, monoculture production of which is driving deforestation, extinction, human rights abuses, and climate change!”

But fear not, Dianna has a solution: buy “green” candy.

In what reads like a paid advertisement, Donion plugs candy makers with names like “Alter Eco,” Equal Exchange,” and the misleadingly named “Endangered Species Chocolate,” which contains no endangered species whatsoever.

So this year, when you let your kids dress up as a zombie or wear a hazmat suit to go begging for candy, remember that they will come home with a pillowcase full of environmental destruction. And you, by perpetuating this atrocity, are history’s greatest monster.