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Chuck Hagel Gets His Hair Styled In Fancy Georgetown Salon

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It appears that Sec. of State Chuck Hagel really cares about his salt and pepper locks.

So much so that he was recently spotted in an upscale Georgetown salon getting his hair done in plain sight.


Whether Hagel gets his color done is anyone’s guess.  But maybe he doesn’t get color. The above Facebook post is artfully worded to make you think he does without actually saying it.

A man’s haircut and blow-dry at O Salon costs $55 and up. One process coloring for either gender costs $100. One process and full highlights would set Hagel back $180. The salon’s owners are from Paris and Istanbul.

Best commentary below the post: “Did you just out the SecDef as metrosexual?”

Hey if NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell can get her hair done regularly at the Four Season’s George Salon, maybe this is just a required Washington thing.

They have to look good on TV, right?

Unfortunately, O Salon, which opened its doors 10 years ago, is open Tuesday through Saturday, so a call to the salon Monday morning to officially confirm Hagel’s presence there proved to be futile. The Mirror will check back in with them Tuesday.