Witness Voter Fraud? There’s An App For That

Derek Hunter Contributor

True the Vote, one of the conservative groups singled out by the IRS in the tax-exempt targeting scandal, is launching a new app to make voter fraud easier to report.

The app, called VoteStand, allows users a quickly and easily report suspicious activity. The app will be released for to iOS and Android on Nov. 1.

According to the app’s website, the VoteStand is “America’s first online election fraud reporting app. VoteStand provides you the online tools and support you need to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen.”

The features of VoteStand, according to its website, are: 

VoteStand app

VoteStand uses a high level encryption, inside the app allowing information to get to the right people to make reporting voter fraud easily. Count on us to provide you with the best reporting tool around.

The app uses your geo-location and the user filled report in order to provide enough evidence to procure legal action against the person/persons committing the fraud.

After an easy sign up, the app is ready to use and report all visual evidence of voter fraud. The processes is as easy as taking a picture and filling out some identifying information about the incident. That’s it!

Once the fraud is found, you will be able to share your breaking story with the help of some of the biggest social networks around. Your picture may even make our top 10 wall.