Even Rove Wants Congress to Defund Obama Amnesty

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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Even Karl Rove is calling for the GOP-led Congress to defund President Barack Obama’s planned December rollback of the nation’s immigration laws.

“Put riders on appropriations bills that say no money shall be spent to execute this policy,” Rove told Fox News on Thursday.

The statement provides yet more evidence that GOP leaders are rejecting business’s demands for a amnesty that that would increase the supply of workers and customers.

Business advocates want Obama to cancel the planned amnesty, which they fear would derail hopes that Congress would pass an immigration law.

Rove is one of the GOP’s leading political consultants, and since 2008, he he has raised massive donations from wealthy investors to run political ads on TV.

In 2013, Rove supported the Senate’s business-backed immigration bill, which would have tripled immigration and doubled the inflow of guest workers. Overall, the bill would have added almost four million foreign workers each year, which is almost level with the 4.3 million Americans who turn 18 each year.

Several Democratic Senators who voted for the bill lost their 2014 races.


HANNITY:  So what do the Republicans do if the President follows through on his promise to bypass separation of powers, co-equal branches of government, bypass the laws that currently exist, use executive orders on amnesty. How would you stop him?

ROVE: Use every tool available to the Congress –

HANNITY: Specifically…

ROVE: Put riders on appropriations bills that say no money shall be spent to execute this policy.  Pass a bill that specifically holds him accountable. Though I think –

HANNITY: How about defund the effort?

ROVE: Absolutely.  That’s the first thing I said, Sean.  I said put the riders in there that say you can’t spend any money on these kind of things.

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