Prosecutor Slams Social Media, 24-Hour News Cycle During Grand Jury Announcement [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Prior to announcing that Officer Darren Wilson had not been indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown, St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch hit against the media coverage surrounding the incident in the aftermath of the shooting.

During his announcement, McCulloch specifically pointed to the 24-hour news cycle’s “insatiable appetite” for news of any kind and the “non-stop rumors on social media” as the biggest challenges the investigation faced in coming to a decision to indict or refrain against further prosecution.

“Within minutes, various accounts of the incident began appearing on social media, accounts filled with speculation and little, if any, solid or accurate information,” said McCulloch.

“The most significant challenge encountered in this investigation has been the 24-hour news cycle and its insatiable appetite for something, for anything, to talk about, following closely behind with the non-stop rumors on social media,” McColloch added soon after. “I recognize that the lack of accurate detail surrounding the shooting frustrates the media and the general public, and helps breeds suspicion among those already distrustful of the system.”

Meanwhile, many reporters railed against McColloch’s points against the media: