Ben Carson: Race Relations Have ‘Gotten Worse’ Under Obama [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Retired neurosurgeon and potential GOP 2016 candidate Ben Carson believes race relations in America, as a whole, have “gotten worse” under President Barack Obama’s leadership, saying he should take a “balanced, objective look at things” instead of invoking the race card.

Carson made the comments to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday night.

“I actually believe that things were better before this president was elected,” Carson told Hewitt, “and I think that things have gotten worse because of his unusual emphasis on race.”

“Can you explain more? What do you mean by that?” asked Hewitt. “How did they get worse, and how did he contribute to it?”

“Well, for instance, in the incident with Henry Louis Gates, Skip Gates and him calling out the police, and you know, how they always do this kind of thing, and the Trayvon Martin case, you know, if I had a son, this is what he would look like, rather than trying to take the balanced, objective look at things, and then, you know, what’s happened here,” responded Carson.

“And then the way, which really irritates me to some degree, the way he and a bunch of progressives manipulate, particularly minority communities, to make them feel that they are victims. And of course if you think you’re a victim, you are a victim,” Carson continued.

“In the beginning, back in August, I certainly wouldn’t have sent the Attorney General [Eric Holder] to play favorites. I mean, if he was going, I would want him to talk to both sides. I would want him to look like he was impartial in the whole matter, said Carson.

“I would certainly try to be impartial. And I would try to educate the American people about what a grand jury is. I seriously doubt that most people even know. What is the whole purpose of it? Education can stop a lot of problems, and ignorance can cause a lot of problems,” he said.

“Some have said the president plays the so-called race card. Do you think he does?” Carson pointedly asked the host.

“Yes, absolutely,” responded Carson, adding that Obama is “trying very hard not to, because I think he is aware that people are suspicious of him doing that.”