Juan Williams: Where Was Al Sharpton To Stop The Ferguson Riots? [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on Fox’s “The Five,” liberal commentator Juan Williams slammed Al Sharpton for holding a post-Ferguson presser, after doing nothing to stop the Ferguson riots.

WILLIAMS: I mean I first of all, when the trouble starts, where is Al Sharpton to say to people, “Rioting is not in the best interest of the black community. It’s going to take away from the discussion about justice and all the rest…”

But now he’s there when the cameras are there, and what’s he doing, but to my mind disparaging [Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch] after the fact. I have arguments with McCulloch. But goodness gracious, at this point, I think he’s– self-serving? 

TALK SHOW HOST DAVID WEBB: It’s more than self-serving, let’s put it in real terms for Al Sharpton: Michael Brown is his new Tawana Brawley. He used Tawana Brawley …

WILLIAMS: Tawana Brawley, that was a total lie.

WEBB: Yeah but he uses it, he uses the situation. This is what he’s doing with Michael Brown.  His relevance has been brought back. And you asked the right question; outside of the press conference, where is he? He’s not going to be there. Is he going to be in Ferguson in a month, a week, in six months? No.

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