Illegals Deported After Serving Jail Time For Murder Caught Re-Entering The Country

Tristyn Bloom Contributor
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Border patrol officials apprehended two convicted murderers who had illegally re-entered the country after being deported, it was announced Monday.

The two unnamed brothers, 36 and 38 years old, had entered the country illegally over a decade ago, and were convicted of first-degree murder in Illinois. They served six and ten-year terms respectively, after which they were sent back to Mexico.

On Nov. 24, the pair, both originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, was stopped by police officers for a routine traffic stop in Laredo, Texas. Because they were undocumented, the police informed Border Patrol, and their murder convictions were discovered during processing.

“This unity of effort between Border Patrol agents and Laredo Police to apprehend and process these convicted murderers for immigration violations exemplifies the whole of government approach to border enforcement embodied by the South Texas Campaign,” said South Texas Campaign Commander Robert L. Harris.

According to the Border Patrol press release, the two have been “processed for immigration violations in connection with this incident.”

Immigrants convicted of an aggravated felony, a category which includes murder, rape, drug trafficking and a host of other serious crimes, are removed from the United States and barred from re-entry for at least 20 years.

Laredo is the third-largest Texas city on the Mexican border, and has been recently plagued by a spate of corrupt city officials, with six arrested for charges ranging from bribery to cocaine possession in 2014 alone.

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