Ben Stein: Media Are ‘So Far Up Mr. Obama’s Backside’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein opined on Fox News’ “Your World w/ Cavuto” that the reason the media isn’t complaining about being lied to about what was in the Affordable Care Act is because they are “so far up Mr. Obama’s backside.” (VIDEO: Mark Steyn: Ben Stein’s ‘Self-Defeating Blacks’ Comments Were ‘Exactly Right’)

CAVUTO: Why wouldn’t the media be more galled at the idea [Obama] sold us a bill of goods? [Obama] said, for example, we could keep our doctors, turns out we couldn’t, the premiums would go down, turns out they soared, you would cover everybody in this country… So just as an egotistical media reaction — and I’ll put myself in that camp — you hoodwinked us and we’re mad, but they’re not having that reaction.

STEIN: They’re not having that reaction because they’re so far up Mr. Obama’s backside, they’ll do anything to keep him looking good and smelling good. And it was exactly opposite with LBJ and Richard Nixon. The media is not an independent force.

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