Brit Hume: Senate ‘Torture Report’ As One-Sided As Rolling Stone Story [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox senior political analyst Brit Hume said on “The Kelly File” that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation was reminiscent of the debunked Rolling Stone UVA rape story, in that they both failed to reach out to the people they accused. (VIDEO: Brit Hume: ‘Inexplicable’ For Senate Dems To Release CIA ‘Torture Report’)

But remember, this document, yes, it is officially– because the Democrats have the majority of the committee– a committee report. But all the Republicans declined to participate in this. The players who are the ones responsible for this program were not, not any of them, interviewed by the committee. This is based entirely on documents acquired by the committee.

…[Intelligence Committee Chair] Dianne Feinstein and others are fond of saying, well, we couldn’t interview those people because they were under Justice Department investigation. That investigation was concluded a couple years ago. [Fox correspondent] Catherine Herridge pointed out to me earlier, they had the last two years when they could have interviewed the players in this.

[Political commentator] Marc Thiessen said to me a few minutes ago, look, what did we just decry when Rolling Stone did it? And that is a report without having ever consulted the people who are basically accused here. They didn’t do that.

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