This Crazy, Dancing Fan Is The Only Good Thing About The Lakers This Year [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The 2014 Los Angeles Lakers are laughably bad.

Even Lakers-legend Magic Johnson is advising the team to tank because he knows there’s no way to turn this season around. (RELATED: EVEN PORNSTARS CAN’T CONVINCE L.A. TO WIN GAMES)

Oh well, Lakers fans. At least you have this short-shorts rocking, fanny pack swinging Kurt Rambis impersonator to entertain you.


Rambis was a fan favorite in L.A., and “Superman” was known just as much for his thick glasses as for his rebounding prowess.

Minus the beer gut, the resemblance is astounding.

Dancing 'Kurt Rambis' (screenshot: YouTube)

Dancing ‘Kurt Rambis’ (screenshot: YouTube)


Kurt Rambis (photo: New York Knicks Fan Forum)