People Magazine’s Hillary Clinton Cover Was The Worst Performing Of The Year

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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People magazine’s worst-selling cover for 2014 was its June 16 issue that featured Hillary Clinton — it barely sold half a million copies.

The summer issue, whose feature story was “Hillary & The White House,” showed the former secretary of state wearing a coral top and leaning against a patio chair in her backyard.

That pose attracted some curiosity, with sites like the Drudge Report wondering if Clinton was holding onto a walker.

hillary clinton on cover of people magazine

(Photo: People magazine)


The cover came at a time when some speculated that 67-year-old Clinton could have pre-existing health conditions which could affect her being a Democratic front-runner in the 2016 presidential race.

However, “People” moved to dispel the walker rumors and tweeted out a picture saying the “photo mystery” was merely a chair.


But the tweet came too late. The cover story had already inspired a meme.


By comparison, “People’s” best-selling cover came just two months later and featured Robin Williams after the comedian committed suicide earlier that month. It sold 1,169,800 copies.

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