Rush Limbaugh: Sharpton, de Blasio Have ‘Blood On Their Hands’

Al Weaver Reporter
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In his first comments since the murders of two NYPD officers on Saturday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted the likes of Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying the duo have “blood on their hands.”

Limbaugh hinted that the protests in recent weeks was the precursor to the deaths of the two officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

Limbaugh, who leveled criticism at the protests that broke out following the decisions not to indict officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, added that all of those who protested using the “hands up, don’t shoot” moniker share blame in the death of the cops. (Fmr. NYPD Commish: Sharpton, de Blasio ‘Have Blood On Their Hands’ Following Murder Of Cops)

“And now the president has called for patient dialogue. Not dialogue with patients in the hospital, although that might help. But patient, as in, let’s not hurry this. Let’s sit down and let’s be deliberate and open. Patient dialogue. You know who he wants dialogue between? What is dialogue?,” Limbaugh asked, citing a weekend piece by National Review’s Andrew McCarthy.

“What is dialogue? Dialogue is a conversation between two legitimate sides that have opposing views. You sit down and you talk about it. But the key to dialogue is that both sides are legitimate,” Limbaugh said Monday.

“We’re supposed to have dialogue with the cop killers? How are they legitimate?” Limbaugh asked. “But that’s what Obama’s saying. Patient dialogue. With who? The cops are supposed to sit down with who?”

“Folks, look — despite all the protestations and all the people literally throwing their hands up and saying, ‘Not me, not me,’ instead of ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot.’ They’ve all got blood on their hands,” Limbaugh said. “The mayor of New York City, blood on his hands. The Rev. Al Sharpton, blood on his hands.”

“Everybody who has encouraged this kind of behavior on the part of average citizens against the cops — and we can’t deny that it’s been happening in social media, it’s been happening on television — every one of these people has blood on their hands.”