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#NotAllMuslims Shot In Ohio Airport For Trying To Stab Policemen

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I’m really worried about the anti-Muslim backlash to this story, so I’ve already come up with an ameliorative Twitter hashtag: #illflywithyou.

Allison Manning, Theodore Decker & Jim Woods, Columbus Dispatch:

A knife-wielding man who was shot and killed by airport police at Port Columbus yesterday first caught the attention of officers because of his odd behavior at an airline ticket counter and his illegally parked SUV, authorities said.

The man was identified by police this morning as 41-year-old Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed. Police said he tried to buy an airline ticket to an undisclosed destination with a woman’s ID…

They said there was no indication that terrorism was involved, despite the shooting occurring on a day when world news was dominated by a deadly terrorist attack at the offices of a French newspaper.

Of course not. I mean, what’s the connection? Um, hello, Paris isn’t exactly in Ohio, is it? Duh! (Well, okay, there’s a Paris, Ohio. But that one is in Ohio!)

“It looked like a casual encounter at first, and then suddenly (the suspect) produced a knife and lunged at the officer and attempted to stab him,” [Columbus PD Sgt. Rich] Weiner said.

The man barely missed the officer, who fired a gun multiple times.

The man dropped to the ground but got up and came at officers again. Another officer fired multiple times, killing him…

So it’s obvious: They murdered this man because he was black. Over to you, Reverend Al.