Female Teacher Victimizes Male High Schooler With Teachers’ Lounge Sex Trauma (Twice)

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Police in a tiny, rural Oklahoma town have slapped a female high school teacher with a felony charge after she admitted to having a whirlwind romance with a male student.

The teacher is Daresa Deann Poe, reports the Enid News & Eagle‎.

Poe, 32, teaches family and consumer sciences (which you might know as home economics) at Waynoka High School in Waynoka, Okla.

The Waynoka High student told a state police investigator that he and Poe had been having sex with some frequency for a few weeks now.

He is unidentified. His age is unclear.

He told the investigator that the star-crossed lovers had sex five times — OK, maybe six — since the beginning of January.

The setting varied across two counties. Perhaps the riskiest locale was at the Waynoka Public Schools building teachers’ lounge. There were two instances there, apparently. The student said a sexual encounter also occurred inside Poe’s home.

Poe, who is married and has two young sons, admitted the taboo affair to local authorities as well. She said the first encounter occurred on Dec. 29, 2014.

“Daresa admitted she had engaged in sexual intercourse with the aforementioned student on multiple occasions,” wrote Tanio wrote in the affidavit district attorney investigator Steve Tanio.

Poe’s admission includes a handwritten statement.

“I am Daresa Poe a wife, mother and teacher,” the tragically sad document reads.

“I have made a horrible mistake. I have let my judgement (sic) faulter (sic) and I am embarrassed and mortified for the deasions (sic) I have made in the last two weeks,” the statement also explains, according to the News & Eagle.

“I have had sexual intercourse with a student. I am so very sorry for the decision I have made,” Poe wrote further. “I would take it back in a heartbeat if the chance was given to me.”

Poe’s current employment status is unclear.

The Waynoka Public Schools website indicates that Poe is (or has been) employed by the school district since 2009.

Her undergraduate degree in finance is from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also holds a Master’s degree in adult education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

In addition to teaching family and consumer sciences, Poe is the school’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) adviser.

“In her spare time she enjoys decorating cakes, planning events, and entertaining guests in her home,” the school website says.

The charge against Poe is felony second-degree rape.

The age of sexual consent in Oklahoma is just 16. However, a separate state law forbids teachers from having sex with current or former students until the students have reached the ripe, old age of 21.

The last rural Oklahoma teacher-sex story occurred in May when Kalyn Thompson, a first-year English teacher at Kellyville High School, was charged with having a series of sexual escapades with an 18-year-old male student. Thompson awarded the student a stellar, 98-percent, straight “A” grade after their relationship took off. He had been flunking English just the semester before. (RELATED: Cops Say Rural Oklahoma Teacher Gave Flunking Student 98 Percent After Banging Him)

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