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Quote of the Day:

“Say what you will, that press conference took balls.”

RedState‘s Ben Howe.

In praise of Tom Brady 

“Congratulations Tom Brady. The greatest, funniest, truthiest press conference in American sports history. Immortal: ‘This isn’t ISIS.'” — CBS News’ Major Garrett.


Is this reporter evil? 

“Is it bad I’ll be slightly (okay, considerably) disappointed if Mitt deprives us of the chance to watch him run again? Whom have I become?” — Luke Brinker, deputy politics editor, Salon.

Deep Thoughts With WaPo’s Race Reporter Wesley Lowery 

“Washington dc gridlock, just like going to the movies.” — Wesley Lowery. Wait…does this somehow mean Washington is racist  because there’s gridlock? Hi Wesley! Let’s have lunch in 2015.


“It’s 2015, surely we have invented something by now that prevents me from dropping my phone on my face when I’m in bed.” — Ashley Perks, head designer at The Hill.

Occasional maid service is grand

Ellen Carmichael is former spokeswoman to Herman Cain. She’s now a political operative and travel blogger. Jessica Taylor is campaign editor for The Hill.

Ellen Carmichael: “There are few things as exciting as treating yourself to a maid service. Once a month, and it’s totally worth it.”

Jessica Taylor: “It’s the BEST. I come home from work and my condo is magically clean. Totally worth it.”

Journo: I’ll use my umbrella in snow if I want to 

“Sorry I ain’t sorry I use an umbrella in the snow.” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.


Thank You for Sharing: Hate mail for Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi and ex-MSNBCer Alec Baldwin

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 9.52.18 AM

Congratulations to…Garrett Graff for being promoted to editor of Politico Magazine. We can only hope he makes it as exciting as he did Washingtonian Mag when he was at its helm. [Insert laughter here.]

SPOTTED: Possible presidential hopeful Jeb Bush at DCA 


“Jeb Bush at DCA for flight to Salt Lake City. Hmmm. What other big name GOP has a house in Utah? #2016” — Richard Coolidge, who self-describes as a budding journalist and filmmaker. The reporter in the photograph is WSJ‘s Reid Wilson.

Kathie Lee reaches out to 95-year-old mom on Twitter 

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful mother in the world!! My mom Joanie is 85 and still going strong. Love you Joanie Girl!” — NBC TODAY Show host Kathie Lee Gifford.