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Quote of the Day:

“When was last time YOU got a vaccine? Mine was 4 weeks ago-typhoid,yellow fever,hepatitis etc. for foreign travel.”

— FNC’s Greta Van Susteren

Journo wants PR foreplay 

“PSA: If you’re going to ask me for something, at least open with ‘how are you’ so you can pretend you give a shit.” — Jared Keller, News Director, MicNews.



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Speaking of congressional office decor 

“My congressional office always had more of an unintentional Antiques Roadshow kind of decor to it, really.” —  Former Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), reacting to WaPo story about Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) getting his office to look like a scene out of Downton Abbey.

Writer lashes out at autocorrect

“Stop trying to capitalize my letters, autocorrect. You’re fucking up my weird tweet.” — Charles Davis, LA based writer and producer who once worked as a researcher for a Michael Moore documentary.

A ridiculous question about 50 Shades of Grey 

“Is there a way to mute all references to 50 Shades of Grey in all facets of life?” — Politico‘s Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White.

Confessional: Reporter recalls rules he broke in boarding school

“Jeeze, if Jeb Bush’s time at boarding school was called ‘troubled,’ I went to 3 discipline committees at mine, broke a flagpole.” — Marc Caputo, Miami Herald soon-to-be the author Politico Florida Playbook.

Keep in mind, it’s just PART of his tongue (See story here

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New York Vs. D.C. fighting 

“I don’t want to excuse Metro’s many, many problems, but I do want people who think New York is perfect to shove it.” — Sam Baker, National Journal.

Enough TNR bashing already

“New TNR is so not terrible.” — Zaid Jilani, formerly of ThinkProgress.

Superheroism is…

“Partway to gym in snowstorm I realized I’d forgotten my sneakers. I went back, got them & CONTINUED TO THE GYM. This is my superhero moment.” — Jen Doll, contributing editor, Mental Floss.

The Complainer 

“Working from [home] & I can hear my neighbor’s cat meowing throw our shared wall. #bancats” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.