FIGHT TO THE LEFT: David Brock Angrily Resigns From Pro-Hillary PAC

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It’s an American Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Media Matters founder David Brock, head of the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, resigned Monday from the board of the other pro-Hillary super PAC Priorities USA Action, which used to be a pro-Barack Obama PAC. Brock said that people at Priorities pulled off “an orchestrated political hit job” against his own pro-Clinton groups by allegedly leaking a damaging story about his organizations to The New York Times.

Now that Brock has drawn the battle lines, a key question emerges: will David Brock be able to take the Priorities USA board of directors in direct hand-to-hand combat if it comes down to it? Here are some of the top candidates to smash a bottle of booze on the bar and show Brock a little vast conspiracy.

Co-chairman Jim Messina: The campaign manager of Obama’s 2012 effort, Messina is a protegé of Montana Democratic Sen. Max Baucus and the man behind the voter personality-tracking software that helped Obama win in Florida. But he also has the same name as Kenny Loggins’ sidekick, whose solo career kind of tanked. If he ever met Brock in a steam-filled parking lot late at night, Messina would probably have more backup fighters to call upon. After all, Messina tracks potential Democratic voters to get them to the polls, whereas Brock tracks conservative journalists to try to smear them. Advantage Jim.

Co-chairman Jennifer Granholm: She may have been a lousy governor of Michigan and lefty talk show host, but she can throw down like a rabbid ninja when the pressure is on. Brock had better watch out.


Allida Black: Black is a history professor at George Washington University and chairwoman of “Ready For Hillary,” which made those really creepy T-shirts with Hillary’s cartoon face on them. She’s one of the less intimidating folks here, but she could probably still drop Brock with a decent pile-driver.

photo: Allida M. Black

Photo: George Washington University

William P. Hite: General president of the United Association labor union, this guy could certainly show Brock how it feels to be “Blinded By The Hite.”

Harold Ickes: Deputy chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, Ickes knew Bubba back when Brock was still pretending to be a conservative investigative reporter and I doubt he’s all too impressed. Also, Ickes’ character was played by Paul Guilfoyle in “Primary Colors.” Win Ickes.

Joe Solmonese: Human Rights Campaign guy. Eh. Brock could probably buy enough nunchucks with his George Soros money to lay this guy out.

Randi Weingarten: President of the American Federation of Teachers. They’ll complain him to death.

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