George Will: Scott Walker ‘A Pure Reaganite,’ Has ‘Bridged The Gap’ Between GOP Factions

Al Weaver Reporter
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Jeb Bush may be the leader in the world of the GOP donors, but it’s undeniable: Scott Walker is the darling of the GOP media pundits across the spectrum.

Appearing on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Monday morning, syndicated columnist George Will talked up the Wisconsin governor, telling Ingraham that Walker is “a pure Reaganite” and one of the few candidates that can truly hobnob with the GOP donor class and compete with Bush in that arena.

“If you sit, as I have done, in the governor’s mansion on the shores of the lake in Madison, Wisconsin and talk to Governor Walker, you will be sitting in a room looking down upon which is a wonderful portrait of Ronald Reagan,” Will said. “This is a pure Reaganite, Scott Walker is.”

“The best thing that happened to Scott Walker was the recall. It enabled him to — it’s the third victory in his three victory in 48 months in a blue state of Wisconsin,” Walker told Ingraham. “But because during the recall, he needed a lot of money to fight off organized labor, and because in a recall election, I believe there were no limits on the amount that donors could give, he got to know the donor class better than anyone now running, with the possible exception of Jeb Bush.”

“He’s already been acquainted with and accepted by the donor class, which came to his rescue when organized labor around the country piled on in the recall, and he’s a practicing Reaganite,” Will said. “It seems to me he’s bridged the gap.”

Will is only the latest of the high-level GOP media figures that has lauded Walker, a presumed 2016 candidate for the GOP nomination. Previously, the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Charles Krauthammer have pushed the pro-Walker narrative.

On his program two weeks ago, Limbaugh opined that Walker is “the blueprint” for the Republican Party if they are “serious about beating the left.” (Limbaugh: Scott Walker ‘The Blueprint’ For GOP If They Are ‘Serious About Beating The Left’)

Meanwhile, Krauthammer told Fox’s Bret Baier over the weekend that Walker has “all the attributes you’d want” in a candidate for 2016. (Krauthammer On 2016: Scott Walker ‘Has The Attributes You’d Want’)