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If You Don’t Like The Obama Administration’s Position On Terrorism, Just Wait A Few Minutes

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Orwell was an amateur.

White House Press Secretary and walking oxymoron Josh Earnest, earlier today:

Just because that Islamic terrorist said he killed those people because they were Jews, and just because they were Jews, that doesn’t mean he killed them because they were Jews. Why, he didn’t even know their names!

A little while later, the always-delightful State Dept. spokesdroid Jen Psaki followed up with this:

But they only said these things in reality. Why do you people need to be so literal?

Later in the day, Earnest and Psaki clarified things for you silly wingnuts who speak English and know what words mean:

Their view has not changed. They have always been clear. You are getting very sleepy.

They think the American people are stupid. Can you blame them? After all, we elected them. Twice.

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Jim Treacher