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Jon Stewart’s Funniest Moments: A Fond Look Back

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David Rutz of the Washington Free Beacon gave us this collection of Jon Stewart’s most uproarious antics last year, but it’s worth revisiting as we all mourn the looming retirement of America’s most beloved newsman comedian comedianewsman.

Remember these timeless moments. Remember the laughter. Remember the love.

Oh, Jon. Why are you leaving us? What will we do???

Still skeptical about Jon Stewart’s popularity, teabaggers? Well, teabag this: On Tuesday night, The Daily Show was watched by fewer people than a Family Guy rerun on Adult Swim. Again. That’s how crazy-popular and integral to American life Jon Stewart has become.

Without Jon lighting up our lives every night, we might as well give up. It’s over. It’s all over.

The United States of America, R.I.P. (1776-2015)

(Hat tip: Andrew Stiles)