White House Website Security Fumbles While Obama Addresses Cybersecurity Summit

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Before President Obama rolls out the cybersecurity plan he announced in Silicon Valley Friday, he may want to fix the security on his own website.

On the same day Obama unveiled a new executive order designed to improve information sharing between the government and private companies to better combat cyber threats, visitors trying to access over a secure HTTPS connection were met with a warning that their information wasn’t secure on the president’s own website.


According to The Verge, “The error seems to be coming from a Common Name mismatch, essentially a misconfiguration that made the White House’s certificate just suspicious enough to set off Chrome’s alarms.”

“It’s one of the great paradoxes of our time that the very technology that can be used to do great good can also be used to imperil us and do great harm,” Obama told the summit in Palo Alto, Calif. Friday. “In all our work, we have to be sure we’re protecting the privacy of the American people.”

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